Дата публикации: 06.02.2024

Pitching Melody without Pitching Drums in FL Studio 21

To pitch only the melody without affecting the drums in FL Studio 21, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open FL Studio 21 and load your project containing the melody and drums.
  2. Identify the specific pitch plugin you want to use for the melody. In this case, it is the pitcher plugin highlighted with a white circle.
  3. Select the melody track in the playlist or channel rack.
  4. Open the mixer by clicking on the mixer icon at the top of the screen or pressing F9.
  5. Locate the channel corresponding to the melody track in the mixer.
  6. Insert the pitcher plugin into the melody channel by clicking on an empty insert slot and selecting the pitcher plugin from the list.
  7. Once the pitcher plugin is inserted, click on its interface to open the plugin window.
  8. Adjust the pitch settings in the pitcher plugin to pitch the melody as desired. This can be done by changing the pitch knob or using other controls available in the plugin.
  9. Make sure that the drums are not routed through the same channel as the melody. If they are, create a separate channel for the drums and route them accordingly.
  10. Play the project and listen to the result. The melody should be pitched according to the settings in the pitcher plugin, while the drums remain unaffected.
  11. If necessary, fine-tune the pitch settings in the pitcher plugin to achieve the desired effect.
  12. Save your project to preserve the changes made.

By following these steps, you can pitch the melody without affecting the drums in FL Studio 21.

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